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Smash the Pedestal: Issue One


The imagery that lives and fully inhabits the painted world of Rosalind Faram is a close-knit community of characters and associates that exist due to, but also in opposition to the world that surrounds them. Their intensity of colour and energy, a way of kicking back at the COVID realities that have accompanied their painting into existence.

'No More Stuck Inside' alludes to the courage to truly attempt to live fully, even if it is via the handling of a brush and the wonders that can transpire via the considered application of it.  The overt sexuality and otherworldliness that we see, acting as a respite and temporary solution to the masked segregation that we are surrounded by physically and mentally; the creative act, a perfect tool to remain truly alive and responsive to what our imaginations can conjure up and piece together.

Rosalind's paintings are potent and demanding of the viewer, pulling them in closer so that the enquiring eyes deeply see each addition that builds and surely assembles, the longer you are in the company of each otherworldly manifestation. 

The confidence that Rosalind shows in allowing a truly potent and no holds barred expression to be first thought, then slowly and surely manipulated with pigment, gives me hope for the spirit of rebelliousness, honesty and sheer driven confidence in contemporary painting. Her vivid universe is a space and place that refuses the rules of reality, that truly believes that more and more can be slotted and slid in, until it all explodes out to our receptive gaze. the joyful challenge to take it all in, to become part of the energized scene, a vindication of the power and presence that can be conjured when an inquiring mind discovers an escape and sanitiser for the hard facts of today's turbulent world.

Enzo Marra 2022

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